Performance Showcase
Performance Showcase
May 7-22


Doug Baird presents
Doug Baird presents a program of distinctive solo and ensemble work in a rare collection of contemporary dance from established and emerging choreographers, featuring site-specific work and scenic projections.

May 21 - 22, 2004 (same program both evenings)
Sara Shelton-Mann / Company Mécanique - Stephen Pelton - Amy Seiwert / im’ij-re - Alisa Rasera / AXIS Dance Company - Leyya Tawil / Dance Elixir - Tara Brandel - Natasha Carlitz - Kelly Kemp

Sara Shelton-Mann / Company Mécanique
Eddy, against the main current

Stephen Pelton
Stephen Pelton
The Hurdy-gurdy Man, a haunting, moving portrait of the physical embodiment of evil.


Amy Seiwert / im’ij-re
A pas de deux to the sensual world music sounds of award-winning composer John Zeretske.


AXIS Dance Company
Alisa Rasera / AXIS Dance Company
Two Lights, a reflection on how our earliest memories attempt to define our history.


Leyya Tawil
Leyya Tawil / Dance Elixir
La Fée, inspired by the French culture of Absinthe, performed to a new work by Christopher Keyes.


Tara Brandel
Tara Brandel
Love Dances, celebrating our capacity for love in the face of current war and conflict.


Natasha Carlitz
Swallowtail Summer, an abstraction of the life cycle of a butterfly.


Kelly Kemp
Kelly Kemp
Squint, a portrayal of the methods we use to shift in and out of situations, with Balinese recordings by Mickey Hart.